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Candy does not cause cavities

You don’t get cavities from not coming to the dentist and it is not hereditary. There’s no such thing as bad teeth or soft teeth. It’s not because you don’t brush or floss. Cavities don’t come from sweet tea, coffee with sugar, pie, cookies or cake.

Cavities only come from sipping on sugary drinks. I drink each of these drinks. Sodas, diet sodas, energy drinks like Red Bull or Monster Energy, sports drinks like Gatorade, juices, apple, cranberry or orange and milk cause cavities. You have likely heard to not put a baby to bed with a milk bottle because it will rot his or her teeth. It’s the same thing with the drinks mentioned. It’s sipping these drinks that causes cavities. A good example is a kid who drinks a two liter Mountain Dew at lunch will not hurt his teeth, but if he sips on that two liter drink from noon to dinner, it will destroy his teeth. It’s sipping that’s the problem.

All cavities are formed by a sticky plaque that one bacteria forms, Streptococcus mutans. This bacteria when fed sugar often, throughout the day, grows in number and produces a lot of the acidic plaque, that eats through the enamel, first making a white spot on the tooth and later it turns yellow or brown.

Remember, if you never want to get another cavity, and who does, don’t sip on sugary drinks. You don’t have to drink water all the time. Enjoy a sugary drink, but infrequently and don’t do two or more a day.

I have never seen a Halloween candy cavity!