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Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Laser Dental Treatment

In modern dentistry, your dentists’ top priority is your comfort. At our dental clinic, we are always looking for new technology and treatments that can help to create a better experience for our clients. Laser dentistry is a powerful, new and modern tool in the dental world. Laser dental treatment is fast, effective and can be pain-free. It enables both dentists and patients and allows for a positive, non-invasive, fast treatment time during your visit.

What Are Lasers Used For In Dentistry?

NV Pro3 laser

In our clinic, we use the NV PRO3 laser. This is an extremely precise, soft tissue laser that can be used to treat a variety of dental problems. This laser is lightweight and incredibly small. It is used in everything from periodontal treatment, restorative procedures, orthodontic work, and dental surgery. The NV PRO3 delivers better, more precise results when compared to traditional dental cleaning and surgical tools. 

Laser Dentistry Is Used To:

  • Perform dental work without a shot of local anesthetic 
  • Easily locate and remove cavities 
  • Clean the tooth before placement of fillings and other bonding material 
  • Perform minor tooth reshaping 
  • Reshape the gums for cosmetic purposes
  • Lasers are used in minor dental surgeries 
  • They are used in tooth whitening procedures 
  • Clean and sanitize teeth and gums 

Additional Uses For Lasers in Dentistry:

With the above procedures in mind, lasers are also able to do the following in a variety of dental treatments: 

  • Lessen bleeding during surgery or gum cleanings
  • Reduce swelling
  • Lasers are silent and the patient will not hear a classic drilling sound of dental equipment
  • Lower the use of local anesthesia 
  • It improves post-procedure discomfort and can improve recovery time. 

Can I Benefit From Laser Dentistry?

Lasers in dentistry bring innovative, scientific technology to the dental chair. They can help to improve the experience for most dental patients, especially those that regularly experience dental anxiety. Lasers are silent and relatively pain-free. They allow for faster healing time and can treat a variety of dental health problems. Whether it is your regular cleaning or dental surgery, lasers will reduce bleeding, inflammation, and pain. Protective glasses are provided to all patients when undergoing laser treatment at our clinic. Our clients’ comfort and safety come first and laser dental services help to bring our clinic into a new age of dentistry. If you are interested in learning more about our laser dental procedures contact us or call today.