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If you suffer from one or several missing teeth, dental implants are an excellent solution. Dental implants are the closest thing to real teeth, in both appearance and functionality. Whether you lost teeth due to disease, poor dental hygiene or an accident, dental implants can help to give you full use of your mouth again. They keep your bite from shifting and prevent bone loss by filling out your jaw area. They are an incredibly effective method of tooth replacement.

How Do Tooth Implants Work?

Dental implants are most often made out of titanium. They act as tooth root replacements and together with a dental crown they replicate the look and feel of a real tooth. Dental implants are biocompatible and fuse naturally with your jaw bone. Dental implants play an important role in adding structural aid to the jaw and mouth. They can replace a single tooth or a full mouth of teeth. Generally, when many teeth have to be replaced, dental implants are used in conjunction with dental bridges to secure new prosthetic teeth. 

With dental implants, the weight distribution on your teeth while chewing and speaking will be even. You will no longer have to put a strain on your neighboring teeth. This helps to prevent further damage to the mouth, as well as future tooth loss. Dental implants can last for up to 20 years when properly cared for. You can brush and clean them just like natural teeth.

Uses For Dental Implants:

  • Replace a missing tooth – A dental implant, together with a dental crown can replace the functionality and appearance of having a natural tooth. 
  • Replace multiple missing teeth – A patient can either get multiple dental implants or, if the tooth loss is extensive, they can use dental implants in conjunction with partial bridges to replace several teeth at a time. 
  • Replace a full mouth of teeth – Dental implants can be used to stabilize dental bridges, dentures, and crowns. They are an excellent solution for those who have lost a full mouth of teeth and can restore your chewing ability. 

If you have missing teeth, you know how difficult it can be to smile, eat and even speak. Dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement solution. They add structure to your mouth and jaw and help you live a fulfilling, barrier-free life when it comes to your oral health. Contact us today or call at (770)-387-0750 and learn more about how you can restore your smile with dental implants.