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Tooth Extractions

A tooth extraction may sound like a complicated procedure but it is routine. The procedure itself is painless when performed by an experienced dentist at Today’s Dentistry. The recovery process is usually not a difficult one.

There are many reasons that a dentist would recommend a tooth to be extracted. Severe tooth decay and generalized pain are the most common reasons.

Teeth that are malfunctioning, impacted, or very hard to clean, as is the case for many wisdom teeth (or molars), may be recommended for extraction.
It is a myth that wisdom teeth cause crowding. Teeth will shift throughout your lifetime, but wisdom teeth are not the cause.

Most tooth extractions are uneventful procedures that only last a few minutes. Dr. Slocum will view a film prior to the procedure and the area around the tooth will be anesthetized using a local anesthetic. We provide Nitrous Oxide, or laughing gas, which may also be administered to help with anxious patients during the procedure. Patients should only feel pressure, not pain, once the procedure starts. Most cases do not require any type of surgical intervention.

The staff will have very specific post-op instructions for caring for the extraction site in the hours and days following the procedure. We may also prescribe medication to help relieve pain in certain cases for the first few days. The site should heal within a few weeks without complication or infection. Dr. Slocum can then recommend future treatment for that area which may involve a bridge, removable partial denture, or an implant for functional and esthetic purposes.

Which techniques could be used to improve your smile? A comprehensive dental exam will take many factors into consideration, including your overall oral health.

When do wisdom teeth need to be removed? Anytime there is recurrent or an acute infection, or moderate decay a wisdom tooth should be removed. Many people believe that a wisdom tooth that is slanted should be removed because it is causing “crowding,” but this is not a good reason for an extraction. It is a myth that wisdom teeth cause crowding and will undue what braces have taken years to do. Wisdom teeth are not brutes who are in the business of pushing other teeth around. That being said, if a wisdom tooth is in crooked and is packing food or the gums are being traumatized, an extraction is likely a good option. At Today’s Dentistry, only that tooth may be recommended for extraction, since the other wisdom teeth are not likely to have the similar symptoms. If you are going to join the army at eighteen and be in a third world country for two years, a more aggressive approach to wisdom teeth may be indicated.

At Today’s Dentistry, a typical wisdom tooth extraction takes about five minutes with local anesthetic that is profound. A person would typically not adjust their schedule after a routine wisdom tooth extraction, except for minimizing strenuous activity hours following. General anesthetic is only necessary for the severely apprehensive. At Todays Dentistry, apprehension is checked at the door. We will ensure your extraction is handled in a caring and expedient fashion. If you are experiencing problems or discomfort with any of your teeth, contact us today to book your appointment!